Welcome to the Fresenius Performance Plan

The Fresenius Performance Plan 2023 is designed to reflect our ambitious performance targets and to reward you for your contribution to reaching these targets. It focuses on strategic planning and long-term commitment - through common goals and participation in the long-term success of the company.


A new focus

The Fresenius Performance Plan, which introduces new features of your top management compensation, came into force retroactively as of January  1, 2023.

Our Performance Plan 2023 reflects Fresenius' business strategy and includes both our ambitious internal and external financial targets, as well as the measurement of our sustainable development and tracking our objective to become climate neutral by 2040.

The measurement of the plan's performance objectives is now also aimed at providing a more fair, transparent, and simple structure that measures, communicates, and locks in the annual target achievement at the end of each year.
So every good performance year counts towards your payout.

What’s in it for you?

Have a fast and easy overview what to expect from our new Performance Plan 2023.


What do you get?

We want to reward you for your contribution with a fair, transparent and performance-based opportunity to participate in our overall success.

How does it work?

You will receive a monetary grant that will be converted into virtual stock awards. How many of your stock awards will actually vest after four years, depends on the overall target achievement.

What’s new in the Fresenius Performance Plan 2023?

The new 2023 Performance Plan introduces new features to ensure we are offering you a simple, fair, transparent and market aligned compensation element that also meets the needs of our shareholders. 

With the new 2023 Performance Plan, there will be only one common LTIP in the Fresenius Group. This ensures equal incentive effects for all participants through common goals.

Stock awards

Previously, you may have received a grant in virtual performance shares. With the new Performance Plan, your grant will be in virtual stock awards.

Performance targets

We are introducing two new targets: The return on invested capital (ROIC) measuring the rentability of our invested capital, and our CO2 reduction measuring our sustainability as a company.

You already know the third target, the relative TSR (total shareholder return) which compares our success to our competitors. For the new LTIP, we will measure the outperformance instead of the ranking method we used previously.

All three targets are measured over a four-year performance period. At the end of each of the four years, the annual achievement for each performance target is calculated (and fixed). 



Your grant will be awarded in Euro. Other than in the previous LTIP, also your payout will be in Euro. If payments in Euro are not feasible, deviations from this principle are possible.

Increased transparency

With the new Performance Plan, you now have visibility of annual performance. By end of Q1 or early in Q2 of every year, the annual target achievement for each of the performance targets will be available – 

providing increased transparency and the opportunity for long-term financial planning. 



With the new Performance Plan, the annual target achievement is measured and locked in at the end of each of the four years. This means that every good year counts!

Previously, the target achievement was measured using the average (net income growth) and the final value (relative TSR) at the end of the four-year performance period.


Check out your previous LTI

If you participated in the previous 2018 LTIP, you can still find all information about it here and in EquatePlus, our long-term service provider for LTI compensation.