Financials – what do I get?

As a participant in the Fresenius Performance Plan, you will receive a monetary grant. After four years your grant will vest and be paid out. Depending on Fresenius’ long-term success, it can be up to 250% of your grant value. Two features will influence the payout amount: the target achievement and the share price at vesting.


The Grant Process

You receive an individual monetary grant in Euro. The value of your grant is determined by your individual performance and your responsibilities within the Fresenius Group. A personal grant letter will inform you about the grant value. 

Your grant value will then be converted into virtual stock awards – based on the share price at grant. The share price is defined as the average Xetra closing price of the Fresenius Share on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the last 30 Trading Days before the start of the Performance Period.

The Payout Process

After four years of performance measurement, we calculate how many of your granted stock awards will actually vest. This is determined by measuring the target achievement of the three performance targets (relative TSR, ROIC and CO2 reduction) annually over the four-year performance period. 

Your actual payout is determined by the share price at the date of vesting, plus the cumulative dividend equivalent over the four-year performance period.

In general, your payout is awarded in Euro.


The Fresenius Performance Plan payout is a gross payout and therefore may be subject to income taxes, social security contributions and other taxes and levies.

The taxes and duties applicable to you will depend on your country of residence and your personal circumstances. You are responsible for all taxes and duties concerning your payout. For a specific tax review please seek advice on your personal situation by a tax accountant. 

Currency Implications

Your payout is awarded in Euro. If this is not feasible due to regulatory standards or other provisions, deviations from this basic principle are possible and you will receive the payout in another currency. In case the exchange rate of Euro to your local currency might influence the actual payout.

If the Euro gets weaker in relation to your currency, your payout decreases. If the Euro rises in comparison to your payout currency, your payout will also rise.