Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about the Fresenius Performance Plan. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our in-house contacts which you'll find on the Contact page.


How do I reset my EquatePlus User-ID or password?

The EquatePlus login is set up by two factor authentication via e-mail and SMS. To reset your user ID or password, go to “Forgot password” on the login screen or contact EquatePlus on +800 4020 0063.

Using EquateMobile on your iPhone, you can access your grant information simply via fingerprint ID.


Who can participate?

Members of the Management Board of Fresenius SE and selected executives of the Company and Affiliated Companies are eligible to participate in the Fresenius Performance Plan 2023.

What happens if I leave Fresenius?

If you leave the Fresenius Group as a “good leaver”, all vested tranches will be paid out pro rata temporis according to target achievement. They will vest on the relevant vesting date according to plan

(e.g. termination without good cause by the employer, end of fixed term contracts, mutual agreement).

If you leave the Fresenius Group for a bad cause, all tranches will forfeit. (e.g. voluntary termination by the employee or extraordinary termination for good cause by the employer).

If you are leaving due to a compliance violation, the Management Board has the option to reclaim all or part of your already vested performance shares – up to three years after the payment.


What happens if I transfer within the Fresenius Group?

If you transfer to an affiliated company within Fresenius Group, your stock awards will not be affected.

What happens if I retire?

In general, your participation will not be affected by retirement or early retirement. Even if you retire before vesting, your vested stock awards will be paid out after the relevant vesting date.

What happens in case of disability or death?

If you leave Fresenius Group due to disability, the number of stock awards granted will be reduced on a pro rata temporis basis to reflect the duration of your employment during the term of the performance period.

They will vest, as normal, on the relevant vesting date. Please file the relevant documentation within three months to ensure you will be entitled to your performance shares after you have left.

In case of death, stock awards are transferred to your heirs and all tranches will be paid out at the relevant vesting date. The heirs need to file the relevant documentation within six months.